Most of creative web design company has an interesting website, however, having a sophisticated and creative design site does not necessarily attract more visitors, let alone to keep them indefinitely longer. So, what elements need to be on an organization’s website to get more visitors who will be in it for longer and eventually make them buy your goods or services? 

What Are The Important Elements?

The first element is a simple but clear home page. A lot of websites stuffed almost everything on the home page although the same information is available on the following pages. By placing almost all information and repeating the same thing it will make the website overcrowded and overloaded. When overload happens, visitors will probably leave and stay out of the website without waiting for the website to load. It is important to realize that the home page is a vital component in ensuring the visual attractiveness in the eyes of the visitors.

The second element is a website should have a specific and clear ‘about us’ pages. This is crucial because visitors want to know the background of your organisation, and this is the organisation’s chance to introduce the kind of business they do for their clients and the services and goods they offer. Thus, a good ‘about us’ page should have an adequate amount of information such as contact number and email where they can reach out to the organisation. Moreover, organisation needs to upload enough a concise and precise information for them.

The third element is a website should be mobile-friendly because nowadays people prefer to be on the smartphones rather than on the laptop. Thus, a website should be able to be shrunk into a small screen and probably there would be a lot of shrinking and zooming going on. It is easier this way as the users of handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets are a lot more than the users of larger devices.

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