Ask any online entrepreneur out there with the ecommerce services company what they want and they will always tell you that they want increased revenue and higher conversion rates. You can only do that if you drive more traffic to your online store.
So today, I am going to share some ways you can increase traffic to your website. Some of them are paid ones, but the majority are things that you can do for free.

Start by Advertising Your Website

The good thing about online websites is that you can make use of paid ads to help drive more traffic to it. There are so many options to choose from. You can either use social media advertising, PPC, paid search, among others.
Before you spend money, though, you have to know exactly what you want it to do. Do you just want to drive in more traffic or do you want to ultimately let your customers convert in the end?

Go Social

Sure, you’ve created blog posts to help entice people to come to your site, but if you rely on organic search results for that, you will wait for an eternity.
Instead, you can go to social media websites to promote your brand. Create a page solely for business purposes and start promoting your content through that.

Mix Up Your Content Pieces

Aside from creating blog posts, you also want to experiment with other content formats as well. You can either create long-form content, as well as infographics and videos as well.

Write Attention-Grabbing Headlines

If you look at your analytics and see that there aren’t a lot of traffic that goes to your website, then there is probably wrong with your content pieces.
One way you can increase the number of people that go to your website is through the use of attention-grabbing headlines.
Even if the body of your content is really good, if your headline is generic, people will not notice it and will move on. So, master the art of crafting attention-grabbing headlines.

On-Page SEO

Although search engine optimization has changed dramatically over the years, it is still not dead. If anything, it has only become so much better.
On-page SEO will still work which is why you need to take into account your website’s loading speeds, if your content is optimized, and so on.

Guest Blogging

Find a reputable site about the niche you operate in and then ask if you can provide some guest posts. This is another way of driving organic traffic to your website.
Internal Linking
If you have created a large number of content already, you may want to use internal linking. Only use internal links to relevant content on your site.

Interview Industry Leaders

Interviewing influential people in your niche will almost always spark interest. Make a blog post highlighting what was talked about in the interview.

Make a Responsive Website

By this, I mean that you make use of responsive web design to help cater to the mobile crowd as well.


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