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Mobile Apps 101: How To Communicate Using Hidden Gestures

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These Will Help You In The Long Run


Gestures are those little thumb and finger movements that allow users to interact with mobile apps. Touch interfaces can provide various opportunities to utilize natural gestures such as swipe, tap and pinch to accomplish tasks. How can you incorporate these gestures during the mobile app development process?


How Can You Educate In Context?

Education in this technique helps people interact with a surface or element. It includes subtle animation and visual clues.


  • Content Teases


Content teases are examples of subtle visual cues.


  • Plain Text Command


The plain text command is a technique that depends on text command. It prompts users to do a gesture, and describe the outcome of the interaction in clear, short description.


  • Hint Motion


Animated visual hint, or hint motion, can show you previews of how to interact with app elements while performing actions. Animated features convey details about functioning–a specific scenario is highlighted with animation.


There is no one-size-fits-all solution for gesture introduction in mobile and web apps. However, when it comes to teaching users to utilize user interfaces, it is highly recommended to educate in context using subtle animations, progressive disclosure and content teases.




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